UGSI Solutions

UGSI Solutions provides chemical feed and water disinfection technologies to municipal and industrial clients. With a history that reaches back over 100 years, UGSI Solutions combines iconic brands such as Encore® metering pumps, Varea-Meter® flow meters and Polyblend® polymer activation systems with today’s cutting edge technologies such as Microclor® on-site hypochlorite generation, Monoclor® RCS disinfectant residual management and Tank Shark® tank and reservoir mixing systems. The combination of PAX Water and UGSI Solutions creates the industry’s only complete set of water quality solutions focused on water distribution networks. From tank mixing, to DBP removal, to disinfectant residual management – UGSI Solutions is the only company offering the full set of "outside the fence" water quality solutions. Tens of thousands of installations validate our experience and know-how in the area of chemical feed and disinfection. UGSI Solutions makes your chemicals work harder for you.

Microclor® On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) is truly the Safe, Sound, Clean & Green disinfection option.

Monoclor® RCS chloramine residual control system generates a constant and reliable chloramine residual within the reservoir by creating a homogeneous mixture, introducing chemicals rationally and monitoring the equilibrium with control logic in real time.

Smartboost® free chlorine boosting systems utilize water storage assets as convenient and controllable intervention points for managing distribution network chlorine levels.

PAX TRS DBP/TTHM removal systems efficiently eliminate volatile TTHMs from distribution networks by employing a variety of mass transfer, air-stripping and process controls to water storage tanks. Removal rates of 40-70% are not uncommon.

Chemlocker® Reservoir Dosing Systems – provide intermittent disinfectant dosing capabilities to water storage tanks. A Chemlocker® tank system fully instruments a water storage tank and allows operators to dose precise amounts of disinfectant into a 24/7 fully-mixed tank only when residuals drop below a desired set-point.

Tank Shark® Mixers provides for a homogeneous mixture within the reservoir, eliminating thermal and residual stratification. Additionally, the Tank Shark® allows chlorine and chloramine injection with no moving parts or electrical equipment within the reservoir.

PAX Tank Mixers PAX Water Mixers create a powerful vortex flow pattern inside water storage tanks to circulate the entire volume, top to bottom, and eliminate thermal stratification. Powerful mixing helps prevent conditions favorable to residual loss, disinfection byproducts, nitrification and ice damage.

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